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It is widely known that physical activity is great for your mind and attitude to life. A well-oxygenated brain works better and allows more efficient functioning. Exercising increases the level of the feel-good endorphins (happy hormones) naturally released during physical exertion, and so it improves mental well-being, helps to handle stress and makes you feel energised. That's the point, isn't it? Once you’ve decided to take up recreational or competitive sports, the next most important decision is the activity you choose. Look for a type of physical activity that you’re likely to enjoy. Some people prefer running, others choose cycling, playing football, volleyball, basketball or handball. Some people go swimming, have a game of tennis or squash, and others choose motorsports which give you an adrenaline rush in addition to considerable physical exertion. There are heaps of activities and sports to choose from so everyone can find something for themselves.

Results of sports medicine studies clearly show a need to use supplements with a view to enhancing physical fitness and achieving more effective post-workout recovery, not only in the context of competitive sports, but also with respect to broad-based health and active lifestyle. Intense physical exertion, not supported with an appropriate nutritional regime and supplementation, may have an adverse impact on both your results in sport and your health. You should also consider the quality of supplementation and make your choices with the utmost care. As a result of appropriate nutritional regimes based on the most recent, tested and safe dietary supplements, many people are able to achieve a major breakthrough in improving their personal achievements and coming closer to the ideal. What is of utmost importance then is the type of product and conditions in which it is manufactured.

Established in 1990, Olimp Laboratories has broken the spell of rigid unawareness of the need to supplement shortages of macro- and micro-ingredients in the daily nutritional plan of a society existing in the reality of all-pervasive and increasingly processed foodstuffs, taking on the responsible role of a market leader which builds its future development on the idea of providing its customers with better quality of life, health and vitality. Our top priority has not changed ever since - to achieve the best possible product quality. With more than 20 years of experience and market presence, our continuous advancement in the most demanding German, British, Scandinavian, Polish, Austrian, Swiss, French and Italian markets is no accident. Only absolute commitment, symbiosis between the hard work of experienced personnel and far-reaching, unrelenting strategy of the Management Board can ensure customer satisfaction which is by far the greatest token of appreciation. We constantly seek skilled additions to our team of specialists from among biotechnology graduates who know how to organise state-of-the-art production and laboratory facilities and ensure their efficient use, generating an immense creative potential which is the “driving force” in Olimp Laboratories. Despite our current knowledge - how to achieve products with the desired level of efficacy and consistent quality throughout the shelf-life of the product and an impressive record of achievements in the field of producing dietary supplements, we are still looking forward to developing our potential and testing our competence against new challenges. Olimp Laboratories continues working with acknowledged experts as well as recognised research institutes, both in Poland and abroad, in order to satisfy all the requirements as necessary for the company to be granted the status of pharmaceutical company and expand its portfolio to include own-brand medicinal products. At the beginning of 2013 our efforts were rewarded and the audit carried out by the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector demonstrated that our technology and procedures comply with the most stringent requirements and registered Olimp Laboratories as a pharmaceutical company. This opens up the possibility of utilising solutions designed for manufacturing medicinal products in producing dietary supplements. The technological “intra-transfer” will help to offer our Customer a completely new quality in the field of dietary supplements and unquestionable progress in their - already quite advanced - efficacy.

We continue to make every effort in order to provide both professional sportsmen and a wide range of amateurs working towards improving their physical fitness and maintaining impeccable health with efficient products to fulfil their individual expectations. At present we offer a wide variety of dietary supplements and formulas, which are continuously developed, e.g. Olimp Sport Nutrition® (Professional Line Supplements), a line of supplements dedicated to particular groups of sportsmen, including Endurance Sport™ (Designed for endurance athletes).

A line of products dedicated to a target group has been developed with the aim of making it easier for Customers to choose a particular product or group of products. All types of sports should be considered on a case-by-case basis in terms of the required physical exertion and the load on the body during workout. It is well known that e.g. triathlonists, soccer players, sprinters or cyclists expect quite different effects from their products. It should also be taken into account that nutritional and energy demand in all types of intense physical activity cannot be satisfied with a single product. If you want people’s respect, you must tell them the truth. By creating diverse brands designed specifically for different sports, with ingredients selected to match their specific requirements, we not only help our Customers to find their way in today’s marketing hype about low-efficiency products, but we also provide the most effective solutions in terms of supporting physical effort typical for their chosen sport. With this in mind, after months of analytical examinations, studies, assessments and consultations with scientists and sportsmen, based on the most effective and state-of-the-art active substances, we created the first professional line of products designed for athletes practising endurance sports – Endurance Sport™. The basic criterion for choosing ingredients for supplements designed for athletes of all types of endurance sports is to determine the duration of anaerobic and aerobic exercise. A range of insightful analyses of physical effort, which are carried out for participants of all sports, have shown that physical performance involving highly variable activities, such as dynamic starts, sudden changes of direction, abrupt deceleration and acceleration, with long distances covered without breaks and at different speed, adrenalin increasing physical capacity, long-lasting load on the body, require a combination of ingredients which will help to ensure the most effective synergistic results with appropriate supplementation. As a result, proper supplementation should include high-quality products suitable for a given group of sportsmen, allowing them to maintain high levels of anaerobic and aerobic energy performance.

Endurance Sport™ – products designed for you and your dietary and supplementation needs in sport which you enjoy.

Set up your own plan of professional supplementation according to your sport, type and duration of workout, preparatory period and body parameters: www.olimpedurance.com